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Choosing Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

Trying to decide which method of carpet cleaning Mississauga is right for your home? Each carpet cleaning company uses different machinery, products, and methods to get the job done. The most important question that you’re going ask is whether you’d like to use the steam cleaning equipment or the dry cleaning equipment. You can also rent or purchase carpet dry cleaners or carpet steam cleaners that you can use yourself at home.

Carpet Cleaning MississaugaBoth types of methods have their benefits and their drawbacks, so we’ll examine each in detail in this article. Check out both steam cleaning and dry cleaning to see which is going to suit your space, budget, and timetable.


Steam carpet cleaning Mississauga equipment

While it’s not a true “steam clean”, using a steam cleaner for carpets is one of the most popular methods for cleaning your carpets and rugs, and one of the most comprehensive, too. The machine actually sprays out a jet of hot water into the carpet and then vacuums it straight back up. This process frees dirt trapped in the fibres of the carpet and then removes them via the vacuum.
There are carpet cleaning products (chemicals) that are also sprayed onto the carpet at the same time of the hot water being applied to make the process that much more effective.
Steam cleaning is best for:
• Deep stains
• Irregular cleans
• A deep clean
Drawbacks of using the steam cleaning method are:
• Carpet takes 2+ hours to dry, usually overnight, but can take days
• Carpet may not be walked on while drying, meaning you may need to vacate your house
• If insufficient airflow or conditions, the carpet may create mould
While there are steam cleaning setups that you can either purchase or loan and plug into the wall, these systems are often not heavy duty enough to do a good job. For powerful extraction, people choose to go with a carpet cleaning company that offers steam cleaning with a truck mounted system.
A truck mounted system will have powerful extraction to loosen even the deepest stains. This is why it’s best to bring in the professionals for a proper steam carpet clean. You might like to use this method once every year or so for cleaning, after any big events, or at the end of a lease or property occupation.

Dry cleaner machine

The dry cleaner machine is one that doesn’t use water to clean, and is does not provide as deep a clean as steam cleaning, but is useful for areas that need to dry fast. Using a dry cleaning machine, the carpet is vacuumed, a cleaning product applied to the carpet’s surface, and then the carpet is vacuumed again.
The machines used for this method are a powerful vacuum cleaner, a pad type apparatus to apply the chemical and scrub it into the carpet (thus transferring the dirt and stains to the pad), and then the vacuum again to finish.
The chemicals will have some sort of liquid included to help the transferral process along. Why using dry cleaning, the area will be spot treated before cleaning, with different products applied on any deep stains that you come across.
Dry cleaning is best for:
• Areas that need to be dried fast, as the carpet will be dry to walk on either straight after cleaning or soon thereafter
• Areas that are not overly soiled
Dry cleaning works best where deep stains are not present, or the area is not a heavy traffic way. It can also be used as a good stop gap between steam cleaning.
Dry cleaning equipment can be purchased or leased, or the professionals can bring their machines along. As with the steam cleaning, the equipment that the professionals is going to be more powerful than any machine that you’ll be able to purchase or loan. Therefore, dry cleaning is more effective with a professional company than if you’d like to clean the carpets yourself.

So how do I choose?

When choosing which machine you’d like to use you really need to take into account:
• How deep your stains are
• When was the last time you had cleaning
• What is the access to the area
• Whether you need professional cleaning or not (often required for end of lease)
• How long you have to dry the carpets
• Your budget
If you’re still confused about whether to choose steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning, or which equipment you should use, hire, or get the professionals to bring, then it’s worth giving us a call at Mississauga Carpet Cleaning. We can advise which would be the preferred method of cleaning your carpet depending on your circumstances.

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